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Our Vision/Mission

Our DELCO CSP Vision 

DELCO CSP’s vision is to assure that adults, older adults, and transition-age youth will receive the highest quality of care by a continuum of services that will promote recovery, independence and community inclusion. These services will focus on consumer choices and opportunities to encourage the fullest possible potential or a satisfying and fulfilling life. 

Our Vision 

Every person with behavioral health challenges will enjoy the highest quality of life. Quality of life consists of inclusion in community, easy access to and choice of comprehensive treatment services and supports and multiple opportunities to enhance personal growth and recovery. 

Our Mission 

To provide the space and support for those who attend CSP meetings to work collaboratively together using the CSP principles to evaluate mental health services, policies, regulations, legislation and community opportunities to make recommendations/advocate for change that will positively impact the lives of individuals with mental health challenges.

About Us

What is the Delaware County Community Support Program (DELCO CSP)? DELCO CSP sponsors and supports a variety of topics, projects and activities including: Policy and Advocacy Issues, Mental Health Recovery, Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol Recovery. We provide Recovery Awareness Events, Guest - Educational Speakers, Community Outreach, Conference and Training Scholarships.

Who is the Delaware County Community Support Program?

DELCO CSP Membership consists of: Volunteer peers, family members, friends and professionals interested in supporting persons with mental health challenges, providing educational and anti-stigma campaigns to our community.

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