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What we are...

What is the Delaware County Community Support Program?

DELCO CSP sponsors and supports a variety of topics, projects and activities including: Policy and Advocacy Issues, Mental Health Recovery, Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol Recovery. We provide Recovery Awareness Events, Guest - Educational Speakers, Community Outreach, Conference and Training Scholarships. Learn more About Us

Who we are...

Who is the Delaware County Community Support Program?

DELCO CSP Membership consists of: Volunteer peers, family members, friends and professionals interested in supporting persons with mental health challenges, providing educational and anti-stigma campaigns to our community. Learn about our Scholarships 



Thank you to all who attended the amazing “DELCO CSP Beating Stigma Drumming Event” in May at Tree of Life Church! 

Here’s a video from the event!!


For more information on monthly meetings:

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